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SYNCOOL Rainforests

SYNCOOL can be further applied to unlock the mysterious origins of the rainforest. As a forest grows denser, the "chilling" coefficient becomes more pronounced, and results in higher humidity and less evaporation. More moisture retention would result in further accelerated growth, with incrementally augmented temperature chilling, humidity and growth. The result is an evolving Markov chain, a random process whereby all information about the future is contained in the present state. Accordingly SYNCOOL as a consequence of photosynthetic chilling, incrementally transforms an incipient forest over thousands/millions years into a saturated microcosm that squeezes/condenses vapor/water out of the ambient atmosphere into a self-sustaining Marcovian ecology; the rainforest, as we know it. Same rationale (eg SYNCOOL chilling) applies to desert oasis & Redwood colonies for example. Moreover SYNCOOL by extracting/storing solar radiation invariably would have been a driving force as to the formation/sustenance of the polar icecaps as we know it over millions of years. Remedial practice of replicating rainforests via man-made plantations is hence fundamentally flawed due to the destruction of the incipient SYNCOOL condensation engine.