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SYNCOOL Partners

Kartago Inc. is a Los Angeles (CA) based small business entity involved in the management of real and intellectual property. Kartago is seeking partners/scholars to advance the SCIF, SYNCOOL and Polar-Equilibrium (PEQ) methodologies in both the USA and China. It has been determined (PEQ analysis) that the demise of the polar ice caps is primarily a consequence of human activity via excessive combustion of fossil fuels and the destruction of the rainforests. The SCIF and SYNCOOL approach is of special significance that in contrast to popular belief CO2 is part of the solution. Also in accordance with the PEQ analysis, the mantle heat under the Antarctic cap will become (super) critical after 10,000 years and vent (hot) geysers into the Antarctic oceans.

The fields of study will entail:

  1. A CFD driven global interaction study as to the polar ice caps
  2. A MACRO crust formation study as to global heat flux and polar interaction
  3. A SYNCOOL (rainforest) field measurement and hothouse imaging/chilling study
  4. A SCIF investigation into the carbon content of building materials and practices
  5. Development of a SCIF-CAP standard and associated greenhouse offsets.

Both governmental as well as institutional/private sector funds/support will be perused. Kartago can be contacted at www.kartagoinc.com OR info@kartagoinc.com.